Corian Kitchen Worktops in Manchester, Preston, Bolton & The North West

If you’re looking for versatility, durability, and functionality, then a Corian worktop is precisely what you need. Thanks to its reliable strength and impressive durability, Corian surfaces make for a popular kitchen worktop choice.

Once the acrylic of the Corian has completely set, it develops a more robust outer shell that can withstand impressive amounts of weight. This is incredibly influential when you consider how items could be dropped on your worktop, and when you evaluate the damage that heavy objects could do to the surface of the worktop surface.

The Corian surface is non-porous. This means that it not only has its own seamless and smooth appearance, but the material itself doesn’t promote bacteria or mold. It is easy to maintain thanks to its permeability, which also makes it resistant to staining. A regular household cleaner can easily remove any mark or stain that does appear on the surface.

Corian can work with a wide range of colours, it has perhaps the most versatile range of colours in the entire contemporary surface industry. You can be almost guaranteed to find the perfect colour for your design, thanks to the variety of textured, robust, and translucent hues.

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