If you’re looking for versatility, durability, and functionality, then a Corian worktop is precisely what you need. Thanks to its reliable strength and impressive durability, Corian surfaces make for a popular kitchen worktop choice.

Once the acrylic of the Corian has completely set, it develops a more robust outer shell that can withstand impressive amounts of weight. This is incredibly influential when you consider how items could be dropped on your worktop, and when you evaluate the damage that heavy objects could do to the surface of the worktop surface.

The Corian surface is non-porous. This means that it not only has its own seamless and smooth appearance, but the material itself doesn’t promote bacteria or mold. It is easy to maintain thanks to its permeability, which also makes it resistant to staining. A regular household cleaner can easily remove any mark or stain that does appear on the surface.

Corian can work with a wide range of colours, it has perhaps the most versatile range of colours in the entire contemporary surface industry. You can be almost guaranteed to find the perfect colour for your design, thanks to the variety of textured, robust, and translucent hues.

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Why Stone Valley?

What truly sets us apart from our competitors here at Stone Valley, is our priority, and that’s you. It’s your kitchen, your needs, and your lifestyle that we care about. Every aspect of our customer experience is designed to ensure that you can receive the Dream kitchen you have been longing for with absolute minimum stress and hassle. We provide high-quality kitchen tops, bar tops, breakfast bars, reception areas, and BBQ areas. Our very own team of professional experts will be alongside you for every step of the journey to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the selection that you make, and to make sure you settle well with your new worktop design.

We understand exactly how frustrating it can be for you to have to deal with low-quality worktop surface providers, and how disheartening this can be for you and those who you live with. That’s why we offer our very own worktop surface services. We have worked hard over the last __ years to build our reputation of trust and quality, and we are prepared to work just as hard to keep that reputation. This has been precisely our aim since we committed excellence __ years ago. We meet every challenge we face with enthusiasm and bravery.

Easy Installation

Discover how incredibly easy it is to get the Corian kitchen you have been dreaming of, with our simple and easy installation service. Never again will you have to worry about incompetent engineers or faulty setups.

Our quality Corian surface installation takes the utmost care to install your Corian surfaces professionally and with the utmost care. Your appliance is checked to ensure a perfect fit and all joints sealed with matching resin to give a superior finish. We take pride in our workmanship and ensure your kitchen is clear of debris created by our work, and we will leave you with FREE Cleaning & maintenance kit and information on how to care for your new work surfaces.

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Exceptional Engineers

Our award-winning team of staff takes great pride in their position as pioneers in the work surface industry in the North West. Their dependable and reliable methods of installment using state of the art CNC technologies can leave a stunningly smooth finish on the platform, from where they are hand-checked by one of our accomplished engineers.

These engineers, who apply the perfect blend of talent & imagination, in combination with dependable and reliable workmanship, have proudly developed their Installation methods in conjunction with this technology, all of which have been precisely engineered and laboratory tested to make sure they are up to the standard that we expect.

Affordable Pricing

When it comes to getting your worktop finished, we don’t want you to be ripped off by low suavity and second-rate service providers who charge abnormally inflated prices. That’s why we offer our prompt and reliable Corian worktop services at a reasonable price to every single one of our customers. Because we believe that you deserve high-quality service providers who are honest and have a strong sense of integrity. That’s why we don’t inflate our prices or provide inaccurate quotes, because your satisfaction is our priority.

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After Service

Regardless of whether our customers are past or present, we take phenomenal pride in offering the most caring and attentive customer support in the entire industry. We will always go the extra mile with our services to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.