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Tips to Keep your Kitchen Countertops Organised and Clean

tips to keep kitchen countertops clean

Your kitchen counter often acts as a guide for the entire kitchen layout. It is an important and the most used part of the kitchen. In addition to having functional kitchen work surfaces, it is also important to ensure that they are kept cleaned and organised to increase their utility and longevity. 

In spite of spending countless pounds on your kitchen décor, no element of it, especially the countertop, will look pleasing if it is cluttered and dirty. Hence, you should make cleaning the countertops your priority. 

Let’s begin with learning about some easy tips to keep your kitchen counters clean and then tips on keeping them organised & decluttered. 


Top 6 Smart tips to keep your kitchen counter clean 

We all know that cleaning is the first step in optimal kitchen maintenance. Here are the six simple tips that you can follow:

1) Clean the Counter as You Go

The moment you are about to leave your kitchen after completing the chores, stop and clean the countertop surface with a cooktop cleaner. Do not leave the cleaning for later to avoid permanent stains of food, oil, water, etc. Procrastination here will cost you more later.


2) Clean the Spills Immediately

Spillages in the kitchen are unavoidable. Clean them before they turn into dried gunk on the counters. If you have a laminated counter, you need to be extra vigilant as scraping dried spillage will shorten the lifespan of these counters.


3) Use a Non-Abrasive Cleaner

Do not use harsh cleaning products on counters, especially while cleaning butcher block countertops. Use a non-abrasive cleaner or prepare a solution of distilled water and a little white vinegar to scrub the surface.


4) Keep the Kitchen Windows Closed

When you are not preparing food, close the kitchen windows. This will help in preventing airborne dirt and pollen from falling on the work surfaces. It will increase the durability of the worktop material.


5) Let the Water Out of the Sink Immediately

When you are done with the dishes, let the water out of the sink and wipe the surface right away. The moment water clogs, it creates a foul smell in the kitchen. The sink is an important countertop attachment. You should be careful with it as well.


6) Have a Compost Bowl

Often, when we’re rushing, we dump or peel fruits and vegetables scrape on the counter, which increases the chances of staining. Such stains require rigorous cleaning, thereby hurting the countertop surface. Thus, place a dedicated compost bowl for throwing food scraps. 

Now that we know, cleaning your kitchen countertops can be achieved with these quick hacks; let’s move on to the power of organising!


What to Keep on Your Kitchen Counters?

The things you decide to put on the counter should address your immediate needs because kitchen counters tend to become cluttered quickly. The only items that may feature on your kitchen worktops should be the ones that make your work, like preparing meals, packing lunches or cutting fruits easier. 


6 Tips to Organise your Kitchen Countertops:

1) Store items on the sides of your cabinets

For small kitchenware, a hook-and-rail or basket system installed on the sides of your cabinet doors would work well. In this way, you could clear your drawers and declutter the countertop by making room for all of your utensils.


2) Hang the Fruit Basket

In traditional kitchens, one would always prefer keeping the fruit basket on the counter, which takes up good space. Replace the same by hanging the basket on hooks. It will make some space on the counter and render your kitchen an old-world charm.


3) Use Magnetic Knife Racks

Instead of putting a bulky knife rack on the counter, install a magnetic one on the wall near the workstation. It will help keep the counter surface tidy and avoid scratches, especially for a granite worktop.


4) Group Items Together

Instead of keeping everything separately on the counter, if you group similar items. You can use vintage pitchers to put spoons, spatula and forks or a wooden tray to put those pitchers together. It will make the countertop look organised and subsequently more spacious.


5) Wire Baskets on the Island Side

If you work in a small kitchen, it becomes necessary to utilise every inch. You can store clothes, foil, brown bags, etc., in wire baskets on the island side to make the counter look organised.


6) Use Built-in Appliances

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, go for built-in appliances. In addition to leaving some space on the counter, you can also steer clear of messy and tangled electrical wires that accompany the appliances. 


Final Thoughts

Kitchen layout ideas should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. But at the same time, if spaces like countertops, breakfast bars, cooking aisles, etc., are not organised and cleaned regularly, they tend to depreciate faster. Along with keeping things in order, choosing the right kitchen paint and countertop material is also important. For example, a laminate countertop requires more maintenance than a quartz countertop.

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