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How to choose the best kitchen worktop


How to choose the best kitchen worktop

Buying the best kitchen worktop is never an easy task because you’ve to choose from so many options. And, it’s easy to settle for something that isn’t right fit for your kitchen or lifestyle.
The kitchen is probably the heart of the home, bringing your family and friends together for Christmas, Birthdays and Special Dinners. So, treating the best place of your home with the respect it deserves must be your “Top Priority.”
You must be wondering about “What is the ideal kitchen worktop I should be going for?” Well, you need to ask yourself a few questions that are given below.

  • What is your budget– You’ve to choose something that really fits your budget because kitchen worktops can fit most budgets.
  • Do I have time for the installation– We all are involved in daily routine works and you’ve to make sure that you have time for your old worktops to be ripped out and replaced.
  • Are you going to hire a professional or do it by yourself– It’s always recommended to hire a professional to get the job done, but if you’ve skills then you can do it by yourself as well.
  • What color and texture do I want– Choosing the right color and texture can be a daunting task, but you’ve to find your style and something that matches your kitchen perfectly.

If you know the answers to the questions given above, then you’re all set to understand the different worktop materials and make the right decision.

Let’s give the best kitchen worktops a look, and you can read everything before you choose the perfect fit for you.

Granite Worktop

Talking about popularity and quality, then granite should be your first choice to add quality feel to the kitchen. It’s stylish, durable and functional- granite has all the qualities that you want in a worktop.
Granite is a natural stone and you can have many varieties and colors to choose from. To match your kitchen color scheme, you can choose from many shades and patterns. It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen gives a traditional or modern look, you’ll be able to find something in the granite that looks appealing.

It’s time to give the Advantages and Disadvantages of granite a look:

Advantages of Granite Worktop

  • They save you money because they are available at reasonable prices and they are long-lasting
  • They are heat resistant and can absorb heat from most things
  • They are super-easy to clean and hygienic as well
  • Your granite worktop is unique to you, no one will have the same pattern

Disadvantages of Granite Worktop

  • They can’t be repaired once damaged
  • They are heavy and need full support from the cabinet after you fit them
  • They need re-sealing every twelve months


You can clean them with warm water and detergent. Avoiding an Acidic Cleaner will give your granite worktop to stand out for a longer time and buff up with a microfibre cloth.

Maximum Length: You’ll be provided with a maximum length of around 3m depending on the granite colour chosen, and if you want something bigger, you can contact us right now to see what is available in your required length.
Price: Ranges from medium to high.

Ceramic Worktop

A lot of people choose Ceramic Worktop just because they are versatile and hygienic. You can easily them to your particular kitchen theme because they are available in different colors and textures.
If we compare Ceramic Worktop with Granite and Quartz worktop, then it’s harder than both of them. You can get the thickness of stone as less as 10mm and this helps you to get a clean, modern and refined look for your kitchen.

Let’s give the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic worktop a brief look:

Advantages of Ceramic Worktop

  • They are beautiful and elegant. Additionally, you can give them a unique look with decorative tile pieces
  • Very high heat resistance
  • They are durable and can resist moisture

Disadvantages of Ceramic Worktop

  • They have an uneven surface and you get scratches easily
  • They can be cracked if you drop something heavy on them
  • The grout joint can be difficult be maintain
  • They have to be cut with special blades

Maintenance: Use a cotton cloth and warm water to clean the Ceramic Worktop. Avoid anything that has bleach in it and you can use acidic detergent as well to clean things off.

Maximum Length: You’ll get a maximum length of 3200mm in Dekton and Neolith brands as this is what we mainly sell.
Price: Range High

Corian Worktop

Corian is a popular brand and if you’re looking for “Solid Surface Worktop Material” then Corian is 100% your best companion. Solid-surface material is produced by “Mixing the Plastic Resin and Bauxite Pigments.” Once solid surface material is produced, it is then bonded to timber substrate in order to generate solid surface worktop.
When it comes to matching the worktops with your kitchen theme, then Corian Worktops can do wonders. Since, they aren’t natural stones and available in all the colors and textures you want.

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of the Corian Worktop.

Advantages of Corian Worktop

  • They are highly flexible because they don’t have chipboard core
  • They are non-porous which means that they are “Hygienic and Bacteria Resistant”
  • Small scratches or damages can be removed by “Regular Cleaning Products”

Disadvantages of Corian Worktop

  • Even after so much care, they will get some scratches and strain
  • They are expensive than other Solid Surface Worktops
  • They are less heat resistant than Quartz and Granite because they are made up of “Plastic”

Maintenance: Use a regular cleaning spray to clean them off or you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface.
Maximum Length: The Corian sheets are available in 2490 mm lengths although these can be jointed seamlessly, which in most colours is very hard to see
Price: Range high

Wood Worktops

If you want to add beauty and transform your kitchen into something really adorable, then wood has the ability to completely transform your kitchen. Whether you’ve got a traditional kitchen or modern one, word worktops can add natural beauty to the heart of the home.
Wood worktops are known to add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen and develop a character.

Let’s give the advantages and disadvantages of Wood Worktops a look:

Advantages of Wood Worktops

  • You can keep them in shape and good condition by proper maintenance
  • They are solid and can resist accidental damage
  • They are naturally resistant to germs and bacteria

Disadvantages of Wood Worktops

  • They are a cheaper alternative but requires regular maintenance
  • They need to oiled regularly to avoid damage caused by water
  • You can’t cut anything with knife directly on the surface of wood worktops

Maintenance: You can remove the stains and burns by sanding with the grain. Also, applying the thin coating of oil annually prevents the wood from drying.
Maximum Length: You’ll get maximum length of 4000 mm
Price: Ranges from Low

Dekton Worktops

Dekton material is known for the durability to use in as the worktops and even in outdoor living areas. It has been made up of a blend of raw material, with a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass material.
According to most of the people “Dekton Worktops gives you a unique and great look.” And if you’re planning to give Dekton Worktops a chance for your Kitchen Worktops, then do give the advantages and disadvantages of Dekton Worktops a look:

Advantages of Dekton Worktops

  • It offers you high UV resistance once they are installed
  • They provide you a scratch-less surface
  • Offers you strong resistance to stains

Disadvantages of Dekton Worktops

  • Dekton must be professionally installed
  • Maybe affordable, but surely it isn’t the cheapest option available in the market
  • Dekton is available from specialist retailers only

Price range high

So, that’s all from the topic “How to choose the best kitchen worktops” and our team is hopeful that the content has contributed a lot in “Selecting the right worktop for your kitchen.”
Have any questions in mind or want to book any worktop? Contact us right now. We will answer your questions ASAP.

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