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Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Worktops: Add Value to your Kitchen

Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Worktops Add Value to your Kitchen 1

Are you looking forward to remodelling your kitchen giving it the perfect high-end look? One of the best ways to do so would be by changing the kitchen worktop to either granite or Quartz. You can transform the traditional kitchen into your dream kitchen by doing this small bit. Choosing the right stone doesn’t need to be too much of a challenge.


You can find kitchen layouts with both granite and quartz worktops in a range of colours. The deciding factors in your choice should be appearance, functionality, and durability. Let’s look at the difference between these two stones and how to choose the best kitchen decor. 


Which is better for your Kitchen: Granite or Quartz? 

Granite and quartz are both excellent worktops for kitchens with the some slight differences in appearance, durability, and functionality. Made of natural stone, granite kitchens are more durable, and can add a sense of timeless beauty to your kitchen. Quartz countertops on the other hand are made of engineered stone that appears like granite but has a far different composition and properties. 


In granite, you can find natural tones such as celestial blues, soft roses, and rich greens while the pigments added to quartz makes it possible to have a worktop of any colour you might like. It all then comes down to your preference between a natural stone or a range of colour options. 


Top Characteristics of Granite 

Coming in a wide range of colours, this natural stone can give you an extraordinary solid surface worktop.
Here are some of the major characteristics of granite that make it a suitable worktop for kitchen designs: 


  1. Durability: Granite is considered one of the most durable materials that can last for years with minimal care. Granite is a great choice for use in busy kitchens. 
  2. Heat resistance: Granite has a heat resistance property which makes it all the more suitable to be used as a kitchen worktop. You will not have to worry about putting a hot pan on the surface. Although doing this is not recommended, especially on white granite worktops, it still is an advantage over other materials. 
  3. Stain resistance: Granite is one of the best natural stones when we consider stain resistance. Even though it isn’t completely stain-proof, a granite effect worktop can still prove to be very stain resistant if sealed properly. 
  4. Scratch resistance: Another benefit of using granite worktops fitting is its scratch resistance. You can use a knife directly on the surface without causing any scratches. White granite worktop can be a little risky, however, the others are most scratch resistant. 
  5. Non-porous: Granite kitchen worktops are non-porous so that no liquids will soak into your stone keeping it free from any bacteria, dirt as well as grime. This property of granite worktops makes it perfect for the kitchen. 


Top Characteristics of Quartz 

Made up of engineered methods, quartz stone can be found in a whole range of colours composed of various stone components.
Here are some of the major characteristics of quartz that make it another excellent option for a kitchen worktop: 


  1. Strong and flexible: Quartz worktops are strong and flexible which will make them last long enough without any chips or cracks, with minimal care.
  2. Non-porous: Quartz is a non-porous stone and hence there is no need to seal it. A quartz worktop can be easier to maintain because of this attribute for a relatively long period. 
  3. Stain-resistant: One of the best kitchen worktops is quartz because of its stain-resistant attribute. You do not have to worry about spilling something on the surface or dropping something since it is easy to clean. 
  4. Colour options: Quartz stone worktops come in a range of colours with a lot of dark colour options as well. If you are very conscious of maintaining the stone or minimizing the visibility of seams then you can go for a dark coloured stone. 


Therefore, both granite kitchen tops, as well as natural quartz, can give your kitchen cabinet an extra high-end look. Granite kitchen worktops are the best option when looking for a natural stone and a natural mesmerising granite effect. These laminate worktops can give a remarkable appearance and finishing touches to your kitchen.

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