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Granite Kitchen Worktops: Everything You Need to Know

Granite Kitchen Worktops Everything You Need to Know

Granite is a fantastic material for countertops, whether they are in your bathroom, kitchen, or during a home bar area. It is incredibly durable: you can put down hot pans and pots, spill wine without staining, and you may even skip the cutting board. So, granite is really practical as well as durable and it will last for years to come.


Its natural beauty and glossy shine are timeless. The granite kitchen worktops are never just a trend. It has always been popular and a sought-after material for counters. An investment in granite ensures that you will not need to update your countertops for the foreseeable future.


What is Granite?

Granite is a light-colored rock and is formed from the slow crystallization of magma below the surface. Granite comprises natural quartz and feldspar with insignificant quantities of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. 


That blend of materials gives granite its trademark speckled appearance. Also, it means granite can have various finishes—from creamy white to deep black to speckled gray and even azure and salmon pink. As a result, granite forms the best kitchen worktops. 


What Are the Benefits of Granite Kitchen Worktops?

 Granite counters add value to your kitchen 

Granite brings the outside in, and any time you add outside elements to the within of your home, especially something as eco-friendly as granite, you increase your home’s worth. Granite worktop materials will add instant appeal to interested buyers if you ever decide to put your home on the market.


Granite countertops are durable

You would be hard-pressed to seek out a more durable stone-based countertop than a granite kitchen. It is super tough, so you would rarely have problems such as scratching or chipping the stone’s surface. A sealant on the stone, applied by a skilled tradesman for best results, can extend the lifetime of the counter and help it resist stains.


Granite is an earth-friendly material

It also retains its natural look, although there is quite a difference between an old rock and one that has been tumbled and polished to retain a high sheen that enhances the natural pattern of the fabric. The granite worktops give the wow factor to any kitchen. 


Granite is straightforward to repair within the event that it does scratch or chip

For instance, imagine a cast iron pot crashing down on your granite countertop and leaving an unsightly mark on the stone surface. Your professional installer kitchen designs can repair and match the precise color of your countertop, then reseal the stone to guard it against spills.


Granite is a family-friendly kitchen countertop material

If you have got little ones who wish to help within the kitchen but are susceptible to spilling, or older relatives who may do things like set a hot pan directly on the countertop’s surface, granite can take the abuse.


Granite countertops are perfectly flat

Do you need to roll out dough on a flat surface, like for creating cookies or kneading bread? Whether a knowledgeable baker or chef or someone who enjoys culinary arts as a hobby, all cooks need a flat surface for cooking and baking. The granite kitchen tops provide this flat surface within the sort of countertop.


Different Types of Granite Countertops

Tiled Granite

This sort of granite counter is extremely affordable and DIY-friendly. The tiles look high-quality. They are granite in any case. Unfortunately, they tend to be far more difficult to wash due to the various seams created during installation.


Modular Granite

This is often the mid-range option which will be an excellent pick if your kitchen happens to be a typical size. You will get your granite countertops for an excellent price! Modular granite may be a good option for DIYers since the miniature slabs are much lighter and easier to put in than a granite slab.


Slab Granite

This is usually installed because it is immensely heavy and difficult to put in properly. And with the worth you will be paying for slab granite, you will want to make sure your granite does not get cracked or broken while it is being installed!


What Colours Are Available in Granite?

Quartz, amphiboles, feldspar, potassium, and mica (muscovite or biotite) minerals give granite unique colours and patterns. A wide range of granite colours depends upon the concentration of those minerals within the stone.


The combinations of those minerals give us different granite colors – white granite, black granite, black and white granite worktop, pink granite, red granite, blue granite, and green granite.



Some Key Points to Look Out for a While Buying Granite Countertops


Cut Costs

The manufacturer usually cuts the granite countertop you purchase to suit the sort of sink you employ. However, under-mount sinks require more cutting than drop-in sinks and make the slab costlier. Therefore, it is best to shop for the sink before you purchase the countertop.


Buy Thick

The widely available ¾ inches countertops need laminate edges and supports, making them a cheaper investment, but one may disappoint you at the end of the day. Choose 1-inch countertops. 


Lookout for hairline cracks and natural pits

They increase the great natural thing about the stone, but sometimes also can make it more likely to urge damage, especially when the thickness of the granite effect worktop is a smaller amount than 1 inch. Ask the stone fabricator or seller to elucidate how those imperfections affect the stone and whether or not they can cause harm.


Get a bespoke edge to suit together with your cabinet detail

Not all fabricators will allow you to customize edges, but people who can provide you with a more appealing countertop and fit better together with your home. If the standard is okay for you, then bevel edges are a well-liked choice.


Choose seamless granite countertops

These are costlier than those using seams, but they appear better. Seams tend to seem worse with time, and although when your countertop is freshly installed, they are okay, in five or ten years, they could cause you to desire a replacement countertop for the granite effect.


Final Thoughts

Granite comes in many colours and patterns; the veins, swirls, and colours of every slab are very different, so your countertops are going to be utterly unique.


If you are looking to upgrade before selling your home, granite is a fantastic option because buyers are often more willing to pay a premium price when they see a high quality kitchen finish.


The granite worktops fitting take a high-quality kitchen to the next level visually and sometimes become the space’s centerpiece. With quite 20 reminder granite to figure with, you will find one that blends perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and walls.


With Stoney Valley Worksurfaces, you get the best-in-industry granite quartz worktops uk. We believe in never compromising on quality and coming up with top-notch products and services.

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