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12 Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

It is the kitchen countertops around which kitchen designs revolve. Choosing the right worktop between the upper to the mid-range will make your kitchen look great and offer better functionality while opting for a lower range one might not be a resourceful investment.

In addition to being selective of the design, one must also be mindful of the material used. During the kitchen planning stage, tell the experts about your usage of the countertop. As there are a number of worktop materials available in the market, they would be able to suggest the right fit for your needs. The most popular countertop materials, however, remain quartz, granite and soapstone. Amongst these top contenders, it is quartz that is the most versatile.

Are Quartz Countertops good for Kitchen?

Being the hardest element found on the planet, quartz countertops undoubtedly, present the most durable option for a kitchen worktop. When combined with polyester resin, it enjoys enhanced strength and colour pigments. Cutting-edge upgrades in solid-surface technology have raised quartz from just functional to fabulous.


Top 12 Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops 

1)     Visually Appealing

The first and foremost benefit of quartz kitchen worktops is its versatility and visual appeal. Sparkly, colourful, shiny or subtle white, you can choose a style that complements your kitchen. It can be thick, chunky or sleek. In every way, it will fit the needs of your modern kitchen.

2)     Durability

Given the usability, it is important to ensure that your kitchen worktop material is sturdy and durable. Quartz is a strong and resilient material that can offer a high level of impact and scratch resistance which makes it durable for the long run.

3)     Non-porous

The second most abundant mineral, quartz, is resistant to stains as it is non-porous. Once installed, you will not have to worry about any type of marks of the knife, hot utensils, oil, etc. If you run a busy kitchen and have avoided installing a white countertop out of sheer fear, a white quartz worktop is the right solution for you.

4)     Huge Colour Range

Since quartz can be combined with an elaborate range of colour pigments at the time of manufacturing, you can expect a wide range to choose from without needing to settle down for a colour that may not be up to your standards. Quartz worktops give you the option of choosing a colour that is complementary to your dining area.

5)     Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your kitchen is just as important as using the right material. While many shy away from marble worktops as they are difficult to maintain, the same is not true for quartz. In fact, quartz is one of the easiest materials to clean. Use a clean, soft cloth, any regular soap, and water to bring back its original shine. Also, it does not require a sealant to protect it from the damage caused by water.

6)     Affordable Luxury

To say that quartz worktops are the cheapest would be an overreach but compared to other luxurious options available in the market, quartz falls in the middle price range. Quartz can also be an alternative to expensive natural stones. Considering that quartz is durable, it is safe to say that its cost is justified.

7)     Uniform Patterns

Natural stones tend to have random patterning; therefore, granite slabs may vary from one slab to another. Quartz has a consistent pattern because it can be fashioned with a controlled experience. The production process is handled by the manufacturer, so the colour, design and pattern can be exactly the same on each slab.

8)     Heat Resistant

Quartz is heat resistant and can tolerate a high temperature of 150°F. For the longevity of the countertop, always use hot pads and trivets.

9)     Hygienic

Quartz countertops are very sanitary and consist of no potential health threats because of their non-porous feature. Also, a lot of manufacturers mix an antimicrobial compound with quartz during the production process to help fight germs.

10)  Long-Term Investment

Quartz counters generally last for 20-25 years, and if taken proper care of, they may last even longer. And because of their scratch-resistant properties, they need not be resurfaced again and again. And therefore, these counters are nothing less than a smart and long investment.

11)  Flexibility

Quartz worktops, unlike other stones are extremely flexible. This material is very pliable and is a suitable fit for custom made worktop designs. And this is yet another reason which makes quartz worktops a popular choice.

12)  Environmentally Friendly

There are some natural stones or materials which emit gases. But quartz is one of the natural materials that does not produce chemical gases, which results in better air quality throughout your home. You can also recycle quartz, hence making it more environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

Quartz comes in various colours and designs. It can be modified according to your personal needs to match your kitchen layout.

To find a great variety of worktops, visit Stone Valley Work Surfaces. With us, you will find the best quality quartz worktops in the UK. We believe in providing the best quality to our customers at an affordable price. For us, a kitchen is the most important part of a house, and we make setting up a kitchen a beautiful experience.


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