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11 Ways to Add Character to your Kitchen

11 Ways to Add Character to your Kitchen

Grandma aesthetics are not for everyone. Some of us have a hankering for the timeless look of granite or quartz kitchen worktops, charming wood textures and eye-catching lighting. If you are looking for affordable ways to add character to your kitchen, this guide is for you.


Why Customization Is Important for Your Kitchen


There are umpteen reasons for you to invest in a custom kitchen redesign – one of them is the enormous pay-off. Let’s see the difference that customisation can make in the kitchen:


  • Perfect Storage Space – Customization allows you to resolve your everyday storage struggles. You can not only design your storage areas to suit your needs but also showcase your kitchenware more prominently.
  • Extend Your Kitchen Floor – A professional kitchen planner can help you maximise your kitchen space. By creating designated spaces for your big appliances, you will also minimise clutter and get an organised kitchen work surface.
  • Add Character and Style – another great reason to lean toward tailored kitchen space is that you get to choose every feature making up your kitchen design, be it an additional seating area, a certain style of lighting, or an extra sink.


Ways to Add Character to Your Kitchen


  • Make a Statement with Backsplash

Even if you are piecing together a minimalist kitchen design, dare to go bold with that surface behind your countertop. Strong backsplash designs that have a mix of intricate patterns and bright colours can look endlessly exciting against the relatively calm setting of your kitchen. 


  • Artwork Would Do the Trick

Like your living room and bedroom, the heart of your home can also turn into an area of visual interest with a little artistic touch. From intriguing pieces of artwork to eclectic art to local paintings, you can use art decor to add glamour, fun and sophistication to your kitchen. 

If you wish to redo your kitchen design and have a taste for art, you can use your favourite artwork to inspire the look and feel of your new cooking space.


  • Update Your Floor

Bring a subtle edge to the overall style of your kitchen with an interesting floor surface. Be it a textured floor style or herringbone wood, and you can be sure to find something to go with your kitchen space.


  • Transform with Two-Tone Cabinets

The easiest way to break the monotony of your kitchen design is by opting for two-tone cabinets. Create a colour contrast between the upper and the lower perimeter cabinets in any combination that suits your taste and the style of your kitchen.


  • Accentuate with New Hardware

Now cap off the perfect look of your cabinets with one final touch of detail – cabinet hardware. To get the best of both style and function, cherrypick more than one kind of knob and pull. Brass pulls, leather straps, utilise and jet-black T-bars – a variety of options are available. 


  • Put Focus on the Island

With a kitchen island, you get the flexibility to go astray from your harmonious kitchen design and bring some drama. You can have this space pop out by painting it a vivid colour and have the stools around your centre island in a mix of shades. This unique feature will bring your kitchen to life.


  • Have Fun with Textiles

Bring character to your kitchen in a flash with eye-catching fabric. Balloon shades, for instance, would do perfectly on windows. If there is a seating area, you can pick unique fabric designs to accentuate upholstery and pillows. 


  • Add Open Shelving

Closed-off cabinets are great for heavy storage or hiding away your clutter, but open or floating shelves can help you add personality to your kitchen. You can grab this opportunity to show off that exquisite wine collection you have been keeping, beautiful ceramic crockery, statement artwork, or simply utilize this space to keep your go-to items handy. 


  • Give a Vintage Flavour

This one is for the vintage lover in you. Modern kitchens are endlessly versatile, meaning you can also add a vintage vibe. A great way to go about this is to pick a vintage piece of furniture to go amidst your standard cabinets. You can further contribute to this vintage factor by adding dimmed lights.


  • Let the Lighting Shine Out

In addition to being useful, your lighting can also make a style statement. Let some stylish pendant lights hang over your breakfast bar or centre island to define certain areas of your kitchen. Your lighting can be bold, subtle or a combination of both as you like.


  • Make an Impact With Taps

If you are on the lookout for some statement pieces, why not give your old taps an upgrade. Ditching that standard chrome finish for unique copper taps or styles of black or brass can contribute so much character to your kitchen design.


Final Thoughts


The dream of creating a perfect kitchen space with elements that represent your taste and lifestyle can involve a lot of legwork and be a real challenge. From planning your budget to making brain-wrecking choices with little to no product knowledge, it certainly is no easy feat. And one of the toughest decisions is picking the right kitchen worktop for your Manchester home. 

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