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Who We Are
We are a family-run business, driven by a mission to provide exceptional work surfaces that people can count on at competitive prices across the UK.
With our wide-ranged supply of materials, we provide the best work surfaces that cuts across kitchen worktops, vanity tops, bar tops, countertops and breakfast bars.
Our services consist of supply only and full template and installation for commercial projects. You can count on speedy delivery.
Stone Valley Work Surface is based in Leigh, Lancashire and we deliver templates, products and installation services across all the UK cities.

Our Vision
To become the UK’s largest provider of superior work surfaces.

Our Mission
To help you select, provide and install elegant yet affordable work surfaces that you can count on.

Our Strategy
At Stone Valley Work Surface, we believe that installing your dream surface does not have to be out of your pocket. This is why we provide exceptional services at competitive prices that can only be compared to those of your local suppliers.
Our team focuses on understanding what you desire and helps you to correctly choose the product that will make your dream come alive. We have the most creative team of fitters who will create award-winning designs for you without much stress.

Why Choose Stone Valley Work Surfaces
Here are some of the reasons
• We have a nationwide coverage that cut across the UK and we can deliver your choice of product promptly
• Our worksurfaces are made of top-class materials that last long even after intensive use. They are next to permanent.
• We won’t waste your time. Our deliveries and project installation timing are ideal for people who can’t afford to waste time.
• Our prices are competitive and affordable. We outdo your local suppliers!
• Our fitters are highly-skilled professionals with experience and machinery that will create your dream surface.
• We stock and deliver a wide range of products, and will help you choose the right solution.
Kindly reach out to us today. Let us create a worktop perfect for you!

Our Services
At Stone Valley Work Surface, we provide you with a broad range of quality materials that can be used to build your dream worktop. Our products are uniquely selected for their aesthetic benefits to deliver superior surfaces. And they are prudently procured from the best manufacturers across the world.

Granite Worktops
Granite is an igneous rock that majorly consists of quartz and fledspar. However, it also contains minor quantities of amphiboles, mica and a mixture of additional trace materials. It is cut, polished and used in homes.
Our granite worktops are carefully fashioned to be resilient with the ability to resist changes in temperature. They are strong and very difficult to scratch which we find is a very useful quality for kitchen worktops.
We offer quality granite worktops, with each slab fashioned to suit our customer’s taste.
Select your unique granite worktop and contact us for competitive prices.

Quartz is a hard crystalline mineral that is made of oxygen atoms and silicon. It is one of the hardest minerals found in the earth. It is also a non-porous material that is resistant to acids and stains. Its stain and scratch resistance make it very easy to clean. This makes it an ideal material for worktops.
Our quartz worktops are engineered to be highly durable and with a broad variety of colours to give your kitchen beautiful to look at.
Select your unique quartz worktop brand from the below options and contact us for competitive prices.

Corian is a DuPont brand of solid surface material made from a mixture of acrylic polymer and minerals. It is an ideal choice of material that can be shaped into specification or design and it gives your worktop the stylish and unique look that makes it stand out.
Our Corian worktops are available in a variety of colours that are easy on the eye. Due to the fact they can be easily manipulated and installed, they provide many possibilities of design and give your setting a modern look. They are also non-porous, which makes them resistant to stains and easy to clean.
Select your unique Corian worktop brand from the below options and contact us for competitive prices.

Sinks & Taps
Stone Valley Work Surface are top suppliers of sinks and taps across the UK. We offer the best quality products available at discounted prices. We supply a wide range of brands that suits all budgets and you can choose sinks of different materials with taps that match them.

Granite worktops
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What Our Clients Say!

“Great service measured one week cut delivered and installed the next. Fitter knew in advance what needed to be moved for a sound installation so no stress when they arrived. Fitted in no time and fits perfect. Absolutely delighted with the quality of service and worktop! Outstanding.”

By Mr K Johnson

“Superb job! Worktops look fab and we are so happy with them. Really impressed with how easy it was from start to finish. The work tops look great, excellent quality. Would highly recommend!!”

By Mrs Niemiec

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